Hi there,

I'm Morten Gresseth – a digital creative and designer living in Oslo.

My mission is to make the internet (and the world) an interesting and useful place.

I work both strategically and creatively to create good user experiences. To succeed takes bulletproof ideas and designs that just do the job.

The Gardener’s Quarter




OBOS and Veidekke have developed "The Garderener’s Quarter", the lush housing project at Løren in Oslo. On the website you can walk around the outdoor areas in 360 degrees, and you can also have a look at all the apartments.



A business website with a playful entrance. Kikkut believes that good communications can change society for the better.




Motions graphics

A brand new international brand. Entelios develops energy services that contribute to a sustainable future.

Amnesty International Norway

Educational games

Amnesty fight abuses of human rights worldwide. Through education they help members develop skills that promote equality and dignity in society.

The municipal master plan for Oslo

Print design

Motion graphics

What kind of city should Oslo be in 2040? The municipal master plan sets an ambitious strategy for Europe's fastest growing city.